Many of us deal with the daily pain and limitations of herniated discs.  Almost every physician has an approach for treating this condition.  For some chiropractic care and physical therapy are not relieving the pain.  For years the only other treatment was large doses of opoid based medications.  However, most would rather avoid this dependent lifestyle and opt for a long term solution.  Dr. Dante Implicito believes that earlier treatment gives patients the best chance at a pain free and active lifestyle.  This idea was recently supported in a medical study:

An analysis of data from SPORT (Spine Patient Outcomes Research Trial) showed that people with lumbar disk herniations who had symptoms for less than six months improved more following treatment compared with patients who had symptoms for more than six months and recieved similar treatment.

•    The investigators examined 927 people who had symptoms for six months or less prior to receiving      treatment for lumbar disc herniation and

•    265 people who received treatment more than six months after symptoms began.
•     At all follow-up intervals of one, two, three and four years patients treated within six months of the onset of their symptoms did better than those treated later.

Similarly, throughout the 4 year follow up, those who had been treated within the first 6 months experienced a greater reduction in pain, a greater increase in physical functioning and less physical diabilities.

If you are experiencing back, neck or radicular pain it is important to see a physician right away.  You know your body and you know the difference between aches and pains and more serious and chronic pains.  As this and many other studies exemplify is that the sooner you seek treatment, the better your results will be.

At New Jersey Spinal Medicine and Surgery, we are experts in diagnosing and treating back, neck and radicular pain associated with spine conditions.  We have been pioneering techniques in Interventional Pain Management and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery for almost a decade.  If you, or someone you love, is suffering from chronic pain or spine related pain, please contact us so that we may address your condition as soon as possible.  Our goal is to return you to a healthy and functioning lifestyle in the safest, quickest and most effective way possible.

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