Back and neck pain is something most of us will experience at some point during our lifetime and it can be caused by a multitude of things. It could be as a result of an injury, accident, strain, or it may be due to ongoing bad habits.

Whatever the cause of back or neck pain, and regardless of whether it’s persistent or it comes and goes, having this pain diagnosed quickly and efficiently is essential. In many cases, pain and discomfort cause the muscles and other structures of the spine to compensate for altered movements of the body. This compensation can cause the spine to become imbalanced and increase the forces on spinal discs. Eventually, this can result in injury to the discs of the spine or accelerate the degeneration of the spinal discs.  

If left untreated, pain could turn into something far more chronic. Common conditions include:

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc, also known as a slipped or prolapsed disc, occurs when one of the discs in the back becomes damaged and starts to press on the nerves. The outer part of the disc splits and the gel-like material inside protrudes outwards, putting pressure on a single nerve or the entire spinal cord.

This can be caused by a number of things, including an injury to your back, general deterioration of the disc or sudden injury from something such as heavy lifting. Ignoring this injury, which has caused weakness to one or more of these discs, could lead to severe pain.

This may require surgery to remove part of the disc in order to release the pressure on the nerve.


One of the common results of a herniated disc is sciatica. The sciatic nerve extends down the back of both legs from the lower back but will normally affect just one side. Often, patients will feel pain running all the way down this nerve, with some experiencing this at all times and others intermittently. The cause of your sciatica will need evaluation in order to treat it effectively and to prevent any further complications.

Cervical Spondylosis

The type of pain caused by cervical spondylosis can often be severe and can be caused by several things, including herniated discs, compression of the cervical nerves, degeneration of spinal discs, and arthritis of the joints in the neck. The majority of pain will be felt in the shoulder and neck and it can often come and go, which is why many people put off seeking advice.

It can be incredibly painful as the nerves of the spine become pinched or compressed (depending on what is causing the cervical spondylosis). Some can be treated with physical therapy or medication while others will require surgery. Accurate diagnosis as early as possible is crucial.

These are just some of the complications that can arise from untreated back or neck injuries, and while the pain may not be persistent, it is your body telling you that something is wrong and needs investigating. If you’re experiencing any ongoing pain in your neck or back, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

The spine specialists at New Jersey Spinal Medicine and Surgery treat conditions of the cervical and lumbar spine using both non-surgical and surgical modalities.  New Jersey Spinal Medicine and Surgery is led by Dr. Dante Implicito and Dr. John Koerner and has offices in Glen Rock and Maywood, NJ. Both physicians have extensive training and experience in the utilization of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery techniques as well as non-surgical techniques.

While here at New Jersey Spinal Medicine and Surgery, all steps in your treatment will be clearly reviewed with you by our outstanding and expert team.  Our goal is to ensure your return to the healthy and active lifestyle you enjoyed in the quickest and most effective way possible.  Each patient is an individual and must be treated like an individual.  Our doctors emphasize a personalized and individualized treatment plan for all of their patients that aim to ensure that each patient is educated and informed when it comes to their procedure.

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