The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Dr. Dante Implicito uses revolutionary technologies for his Minimally Invasive Approach during all phases of your procedure.  While here at New Jersey Spinal Medicine and Surgery, all steps in your treatment will be clearly reviewed with you by our outstanding and expert team.  All of this ensures optimal outcomes for our patients and avoids the complications that are typical of more traditional surgeries; including what is referred to as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, which occurs in up to 40% of traditional open back surgeries.

When you arrive at our state of the art surgical center on the day of your procedure, you will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable team of nurses and doctors.  You will then be checked in to our pre-operative waiting area.  Our anesthesiologist will explain our anesthetic processes and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  After that, Dr. Implicito will be available to answer any remaining questions and to go over, step by step, your procedure and what to expect both during your procedure and post-operatively.

In a more traditional hospital setting, a patient is checked into a room, often with another unrelated patient.  After a few hours, the nurses will answer your questions before you are wheeled through the hospital, half sedated, and up and down elevators to your operating room.  In most cases, by the time a patient reaches the operating room the anesthesia has already taken effect and the patient is too heavily sedated to ask the doctors any questions.

Surgical differences
Dr. Dante Implicito is a pioneer in Minimally Invasive and Percutaneous Spinal Surgeries and has been putting these practices to use for almost a decade.  With his revolutionary techniques, a small incision is made at the surgical point, allowing doctors to access the affected area of the spine.  From here, using the latest advances in fluoroscopic technologies,  a series of  cameras and X-rays  are implemented to pinpoints the exact location of the affected discs or nerves.  After the areas are identified, Dr. Implicito  slips the necessary surgical instruments between muscles and under bone and vertebral structures.  This approach minimizes blood loss and the collateral damage to muscles, nerves and bones that is common in more traditional surgeries.  The entire surgery can be carried out through this small incision with no need for unnecessary exploration or cutting.

In a more traditional surgery, an incision is made in the patients back, usually running the length of the spine.  From there, the spine is exposed and the affected areas are treated.  To gain access to the spinal column or vertebral bodies it is a common practice to saw through bone, burn muscle fibers and cut through the surrounding muscles.  This exponentially increases the recovery time for patients because now, not only does the spine have to heal, but the bones, nerves and muscles must heal as well.  Another concern is that the patient is at a much higher risk of surgical complications to the non affected areas of the spine due to exposure of the entire spine.  Furthermore, there is a mass amount of scarring to the surgical area.  Some patients may have scars several inches long or the entire length of the back.

With our Minimally Invasive Approach all skeletal layers remain intact and there is no sawing, burning or cutting.  This shortens the recovery period exponentially and the only necessary healing is a result of the procedure itself.  Also, scarring is minimal due to the smaller incision that is made only at the surgical point.

Our outpatient system allows you to return to the comfort of your own home to recuperate with all the amenities needed to aid in your recovery. Recuperation at home allows patients to resume normal activities at their own pace. Many of our patients return to normal activities even before traditional surgery patients have been discharged.

Our goal is to ensure your return to the healthy and active lifestyle you enjoyed in the quickest and most effective way possible.  Each patient is an individual and must be treated like an individual.  Dr. Implicito emphasizes personalized and individualized care for all of his patients and aims to ensure that each patient is educated and informed when it comes to their procedure.

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