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Our highly awarded, Orthopedic Spine Surgeons treat conditions of the cervical and lumbar spine using both non-surgical and surgical modalities. Our practice is Led by Board-Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Dr. Dante Implicito and Dr. John Koerner and has offices in Glen Rock and Maywood, NJ. Both physicians have extensive training and experience in the utilization of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery techniques as well as non-surgical techniques.

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Conditions We Treat

Almost 80% of adults will experience some form or back or neck pain during their life.  When this pain does not subside after rest. activity modification, over the counter medications and begins to interfere with your ability to perform daily activities, it is considered “chronic”.  Chronic back or neck pain is generally the result of an underlying spinal condition, many of which are listed below. At New Jersey Spinal Medicine and Surgery, our awarded team utilizes the latest non-surgical treatments and Minimally Invasive surgical procedures to treat the underlying spinal condition and relieve chronic back or neck pain.
Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) is a broad term describing the normal changes that affect a person’s spinal discs. These changes take place and develop in everyone, to some degree. It is not necessarily a disease, but a medical condition in which the discs of the spine have deteriorated due to age, genetics, trauma or injury to the back. Degenerative Disc Disease may result in neck or back pain and there are some common symptoms that are fairly consistent in people with Degenerative Disc Disease, including arm pain or low back or leg pain. The site of the injury may be painful, and may severe or constant.
Radiculopathy is a word often used to describe pain that radiates through the extremities or muscles in the spine. Radiculopathy itself is not a spinal condition but rather the result of another underlying spinal condition. Cervical radiculopathy is damage or irritation to the nerve roots between the vertebrae in the cervical spine (neck). Injury of the nerve roots may cause the vertebral bones above and below to touch, pinching the nerve root, which results in chronic pain or tingling in the cervical spine, shoulders, arms or fingers.
The sciatic nerve begins from several nerves in the lower lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum at the bottom of the spine. These nerves combine to form the sciatic nerve, which travel through the buttocks and down each leg. Sciatica can be caused by a variety of conditions that cause inflammation or pressure on the nerve roots connected to the sciatic nerve. The most frequent cause of sciatica is the degeneration and rupture of a lumbar disc. The ruptured disc may herniate and push against a nerve, causing pain in the low back, leg, or both. The pain can vary from a mild ache to a sharp, shooting pain and may sometimes feel like an electric jolt traveling down the leg.
A Herniated Disc (also known as a Bulging Disc) occurs when a disc in the cervical or lumbar spine ruptures. Soft material from inside the disc can form a bulge that presses against the spinal cord and nerve roots, causing pain in the neck, back, arms or legs. Depending on the location of the herniation a variety of symptoms can occur. If the herniation is located in the cervical spine it can cause sharp pain in the neck and shoulders. Also, pain, numbness or tingling can be felt down the shoulders and into the arms and hands. If the herniation is located in the lumbar spine it can cause pain through the mid and lower back. Also, pain, numbness or tingling can be felt into the buttocks, legs and feet.
Spinal Stenosis is the narrowing of the spaces in the spine, caused by a deficiency of the spinal canal. The spaces of the spine included three main areas: the center of the spine, in which the spinal cord passes through, the spinal canals, in which the nerves branch out and the spaces between the vertebrae. When the nerves or spinal cord are compressed, the can become inflamed, causing spinal stenosis related symptoms. The narrowing of these spaces occurs when:

  • Pressure is placed on the spinal cord or nerves
  • The tissue becomes thick or hardened
  • Bones or joints grow
  • Bone spurs develop

Procedures We Perform

Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion is a procedure performed to alleviate the pressure on the lumbar or cervical spinal nerves as a result of disc herniations or other degenerative conditions. The type of approach (ALIF, PLIF, TLIF, XLIF, ACDF) will vary based on your condition and it is best to discuss with your surgeon which of these procedures may be right for you. All of these approaches are carried out through a Minimally Invasive technique and serve to alleviate spinal conditions, sciatica and radicular pain.
A Minimally Invasive Discectomy is a procedure designed to relieve pain as a result of a herniated disc in the cervical or lumbar spine. In this procedure, a small incision is made in the area of the offending disc(s). Using a muscle-sparing technique, small surgical instruments and a surgical camera are slipped between the muscle fibers and into the spinal space. Specialized instruments are used to remove the only the herniated portions of the disc or any bone spurs that may have formed. This removal of disc material allows for the spinal nerves to be decompressed and results in the relief of cervical or lumbar pain as well as the radicular pain associated with the herniation.
An Interspinous Process Decompression or Inter-Laminar Decompression are Minimally Invasive surgical procedure designed to alleviate the painful symptoms of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis. A small device is placed into the back of the spine and prevents the spine from bending too far backward at the area of the lumbar spine that has been narrowed due to Spinal Stenosis.
Also known as Cervical Disc Arthroplasty, Artificial Disc Replacement is similar to a joint replacement procedure. An artificial cervical disc is a prosthetic device that helps to maintain motion in that segment of spine. Therefore, it allows for rotation, side bending, flexion, and extension. An artificial disc replacement of the cervical spine is performed when normal mobility and function of the neck is compromised.
The lamina is the arched part of the vertebra, which forms a protective dome over the spinal canal to protect the nerves that run through it. A Laminectomy is a procedure that removes the lamina to create more space and relieve pressure or compression. This Minimally Invasive procedure is performed posteriorly (from the back), as that is where the lamina is most easily seen and reached.

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Recent Patient Testimonials

Testimonial for Dr. Implicito

Testimonial for Dr. Implicito

Meet Dr. Dante Implicito

Dr. Implicito is the best spinal surgeon in the area. I had a surgery with him and everything he said and did was spot on. I am feeling 100% better and am off medication. I never waited more than 5 minutes to get in to see him – he does not over book his patients. He is associated with the best hospital in the area – Hackensack University Medical Center. You can not do better than Dr. Implicito !!

I am so grateful to Dr. Implicito for taking such good care of my father. After having hip surgery (different doctor and practice), my father was experiencing back pain. Because of Dr. Implicito’s care, my father (who is in his 80s and has never exercised) is now walking 3 times a day! Thank you, Dr. Implicito!

Dr. Koerner is treating me for two traumatic vertebral compression fractures that happened when I was struck by a van while biking. It was very easy to schedule an appointment, the office is comfortable, and there was no wait at appointment time. The staff had no trouble with my special insurance situation owing to the no-fault motor vehicle insurance issues and procedures.

He was professional and clear in his diagnosis. He made me feel comfortable and confident with the process. I would highly recommend him to anyone that asks

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