Spinal Fractures

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A Spinal Fracture or Spinal Trauma is often the result of a physical injury to the spine. A sudden fall or injury can lead to a compression of one or more vertebrae and/or injury to the spinal cord or nerves. Spinal Fractures are often seen in slip and fall accidents, motor vehicle accidents and traumatic sports injuries. Another common cause of a Spinal Fracture is weakened vertebrae as a result of Osteoporosis.

The most common symptom of spinal trauma is the sudden onset of pain following a traumatic episode or sudden injury. In many cases, the fractured bone is pushed into the spinal canal or spinal cord and begins to damage the nerves. This damage manifests as sharp pain, weakness, burning, tingling or paralysis in the area of the injury and/or extremities.

Spinal trauma is typically caused by a violent force applied to the spine. This sudden force can exert extreme directional force onto the vertebrae causing them to fracture. Fractures may occur anywhere along the spine but are most common in the middle and lower back. The sudden onset of back pain following an injury is suspicious for a fracture. Treatment of spine fractures will depend on the symptoms and extent of the damage.

Those who suffer from Osteoporosis or bone density conditions are also at a higher risk for Spinal Fractures. As our bones lose density they become more porous and thus, more brittle. This decreased density means less force is required to damage the vertebrae and cause fractures.

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